Michael L. Murtaugh

68 Wardwell Dr.
New Canaan, CT 06840
tel (203) 966-3540
fax (203) 972-0198
email murtaugh@media.mit.edu

education Massachusetts Institute of Technology .
1996 M.S. Media Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1994 B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

research Research Assistant . . . 1994 - 1996 .
Interactive Cinema Group, MIT Media Lab

The Automatist Storytelling Systems
Putting the Editor's Knowledge in Software
M.S. Thesis

Presents a model wherein the author maintains an extensible and adaptive base of loosely structured content. Utilizing the technique of an activation-spreading network, the system is capable of producing a continuous and steerable presentation of story materials tailored for a particular viewer.

Jerome B. Wiesner : A Random Walk Through the 20th Century
1995 - present

A Web-based HyperPortrait of the late Jerome B. Wiesner, science advisor to President Kennedy, president of MIT, and co-founder of the MIT Media Laboratory. I designed the interface and the underlying navigation system implemented in Java. . . . see the site

Boston : Renewed Vistas
1994 - present

An Evolving Documentary about urban change in Boston. The project focuses on the Central Artery project, an $8 billion public works project to revitalize transportation into and within the city to be completed in 2004. My role in this project has been building the database and playout system, called ConTour.

Wheel of Life: An Interactive Transformational Environment

The Wheel of Life was a walk-through interative installation at the MIT Media Lab. A team of 20 students, under the direction of Glorianna Davenport and Larry Friedlander, produced this work consisting of three separate interactive areas - earth, water, and air. My role was designing a game and the underlying control software for the air space. . . . more
work Fiducia .
1992 - Karlsruhe, Germany
At Fiducia, a German banking consortium, I worked in the new technologies group (PROGENO) writing utilities for use with the application development tool HPS.

International Business Machines
1990 - White Plains, NY

At IBM, I worked on a team producing prototypes of banking software using an application development environment HPS.
awards Eastman Kodak Media Lab Fellowship 1994 - 1996 .
awarded by Eastman Kodak and the MIT Media Laboratory
publications ConText: Towards the Evolving Documentary .
with Glorianna Davenport
Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 95, San Francisco . . . read it
skills C/C++,,Java, Common Lisp, PERL, HyperCard, Macintosh Toolbox, Photoshop, HTML & Web Design