Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Media Lab

Matt Hirsch


Project list

InfoEco/Camera Culture Projects

8D Display

Tensor Displays

Polarization Fields: Dynamic Light Field Display using Multi-Layer LCDs

HR3D: Content Adaptive Parallax Barriers

BiDi Screen

Build Your Own 3D Display:
  SIGGRAPH 2010 Course,
  SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 Course,
  SIGGRAPH 2011 Course

MIT 100K

2011 MIT 100K Competition

Class Projects

Magnetic Field Imaging using CT Techniques

SocialTV Posters


Other Projects

Graph Paper

Bike Commute Archive

Grace and I hacked this Samsung photoframe


Repairing my tx1000

Tweeting Washer and Dryer

Scratch Stuff

Kaidan Turntable

Qsee USB Capture Card in Linux

My Favorite Open Source Projects

I am not affiliated with these projects, but they are worth checking out.

Fedora cyanogenmod hugin Inkscape Unison jconvolver JACK mpd usbpicprog