Since I have finished my master at Harvard that I am looking into Learning, Theater and Technology. I had worked with Director 8 from Macromedia to create a tool called Virtual Forum Theater. Director is not enough to accomplish the goals of my project, so I moved on to Java.

I just finished an interdisciplinary PhD at Tufts under the School of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering - Graduate and Professional Studies. My advisors were Alva Couch - Computer Science, Downing Cless - Theater and Marina Bers - Child Development. I designed, developed and researched Virtual Forum Theater (VFT). Below you find documents that I have written about this research:

PhD Dissertation (Feb, 2008). Virtual Forum Theater: Creating and sharing drama to resolve conflicts.

Developing a collaborative Theater and Technology Project

TUFTS Assignments - Tech Tools for Learning

VFT&Boal-Brecht presented at the Pedagogy of the Oppressed Conference - Omaha - April 2004

VFT Poster presented at Tufts University Center for Children (TUCC) - May 2004

Chaired "Panel Digital Media Production and Social Change" and presented "Virtual Forum Theater: Creating and Sharing Drama to Resolve Conflicts" at Digital Media and Learning Conference, San Diego, February 2010. Click here to check the slidecast of the presentation


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Research Grant from Tufts University Center for Children., 2003-2004

Unpublished Paper:

Cavallo,A., Couch, A., Chow, M., Horn, M. (2005). “Social factors affecting the design of CSCL environments: preliminary observations”.

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