I am brasilian, actually baiana (from Bahia-Brasil). I love carnaval and african music. I am very social and making friendship is my favorite hobby.

Ocean, warm beach and sand are part of my childhood and have a special place in my heart.

Aquatic sports are my favorite ones, but I also love to bike.

Definitely nature is my passion and I am an advocate of preserving it.

I enjoy being a mother, I like children of all ages and I love babies.

I love improvisational, participatory and physical theater. I believe all the children should experience one of those forms of theater because of the transformative power and self steem it can develop on them. I have done some theater myself and I am an advocate of theater as indispensable learning tool.

I also love to dance and I have learned to appreciate children 's art work more than ever. All the pieces below are from my son between age 4 and 6.

Tea Pot - Age 9 at FSS