It May All End in Aleppo

In this narrative video installation, viewers can explore two different character points-of-view on a story.
The lack of an explicit unifying reality is abandoned in favor of competing inconsistent ones.
The story told is based on the short story That in Aleppo Once... by Vladimir Nabokov.
You can read the original story here.
The adapted script for the video installation is here.

A Java application using QuickTime for Java drives the interaction with videos displayed on two monitors.
Users activate the characters by stepping on sensor mats in front of the monitors.

When no one is interacting with the installation, the monitors play an abstract version of the story told in images.
These images (one set for each character) run in an infinite loop and can be seen here.

There are a 12 story segments for each character.
Example video segments for each character can be seen here.

Some photos of users interacting with the installation can be seen here.

Images and Videos are Copyright of the MIT Media Laboratory, 2000.