Sensor Systems for Interactive Environments

"This course focuses on how we can embed intuitive interfaces in the everyday objects and spaces around us. We will review the literature on various approaches to integrate the affordances of the information world more closely into the physical environment. The hope is that such "mixed reality" environments will inform and inspire people by giving them easy, intuitive access to information and services that are highly relevant to what they are currently focused on. Topics covered include responsive environments, smart networked objects, augmented and mixed realities, ubiquitous computing, pervasive computing, tangible computing, intelligent interfaces, sentient architecture, e-textiles and wearable computing. Students will be required to actively participate in the discussion of the weekly readings, to engage in the design of several applications and to complete one larger design & implementation project."

Instructor: Pattie Maes.
Teaching Assistant: David Bouchard.
Semester: Spring 2006
Class Times/Location: Wednesdays 1pm-3pm in E15-335
Course Website: MAS.963 Ambient Intelligence.
Sensor Systems for Interactive Environments

"This class presents a broad introduction to a host of sensor technologies, illustrated by applications drawn from human-computer interfaces and ubiquitous computing. After extensively reviewing electronics for sensor signal conditioning, the lectures cover the principles and operation of a variety of sensor architectures and modalities, including pressure, strain, displacement, proximity, thermal, electric and magnetic field, optical, acoustic, RF, inertial, and bioelectric. Simple sensor processing algorithms and wired and wireless network standards are also discussed. The goal of this class is to provide students a broad introduction to state-of-the-art techniques, exposure to current research, and practical experience that will assist in developing and fielding such systems in their own work. Students are required to complete written assignments and a final project as well as participate in hands-on laboratory sessions."

Instructor: Joe Paradiso
Teaching Assistant: Mark Feldmeier
Semester: Spring 2006
Class Times/Location: Thursdays 1pm-4pm in E15-335
Course Website: MAS.836 Sensor Systems for Interactive Environments