(2004) Michael Lew / Story Networks / Media Lab Europe


editing drum
rear view
rear view (detail)

Preliminary proposal :
Early technical sketch (jpeg - 18kb)

Publications :
Live Cinema: Designing an Instrument for Cinema Editing as a Live Performance. Lew, M. In Proceedings of New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2004. Hamamatsu, Japan. (pdf - 6p - 662 kb)
Live Cinema: an instrument for cinema editing as a live performance. Lew, M. In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2004. Los Angeles, CA, USA. (pdf - 1p - 39 kb)



Conceived, programmed, built and performed by Michael Lew.
Live Cinema was a research project conducted in the Story Networks group at Media Lab Europe under the direction of Glorianna Davenport, MIT Media Lab.

Electronics, motor control : Stephen Hughes (MLE Palpable Machines)
Industrial design : Albert Quigley (National College of Art & Design)
Special consultant on editing tools : Joële van Effenterre
Software environment : Marc Downie (MIT Media Lab Synthetic Characters)

Thanks to Glorianna Davenport, Sile O'Modhrain, Marc Downie, James Patten, Hiroshi Ishii and all the members of the Story Networks group : Valentina Nisi, Cati Vaucelle, Alison Wood.



For more information, please contact <lew at media dot mit dot edu>.