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DIGITUS SAPIENS is a graphic science fiction story I co-authored with the well-known Icelandic writer Thórir S. Gudbergsson and graphic artist Bjarni Hinriksson extraordinaire, whose work has appeared in various publications across Europe.  

In the works for about 6 years, this project was published in Reykjavik, Iceland by Frodi Publishing fall 1998.    

Computer model of Triclaw ©1998 K.R.Thórisson & S. Tschachtly



A letter from the future


©1995 K. R. Thórisson

Image ©1998 K. R. Thórisson

Baby picture



The Diamobile

... musings on the power of dialogue. 

©1996 K. R Thórisson 

Image ©1998 K. R. Thórisson



An article about the impact of computers on society.

Published in Núllid, 2(3), 1994 


©1994 Kristinn R Thórisson 

Photo ©1994 Katrín Elvarsdóttir

Wired Baby



The Next Experiment

... a science fiction short story. (c)1980 K. R Thórisson.



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