Gandalf in the news

The Daily Spectrum

June 1996

Dr. Thórisson was an invited speaker at the First International Conference on Virtual Humans, hosted by the British VR News and EDS in Anaheim, California, 1996. Here is what the Daily Spectrum said about the event:

"Had it with people? Get a humanoid! Virtual Humans '96, the world's first conference focusing exclusively on business uses of virtual humans "living" in virtual reality worlds, takes place June 19-20 at the Hyatt Regency Alicante in Anaheim, California. The show joins leading researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines--from light-hearted entertainment to dead-serious military applications--all with a common interest in the development of humanoid technologies. Experts in the fields of computer animation, real-time simulation, artificial life, and intelligent synthesis of dialog will meet to demonstrate and compare their current work to a growing audience of buyers." 

Scientific American Frontiers

October, 1996

"Inventing the Future"

Actor Alan Alda talks to Gandalf and his inventor on the program series "Scientific American Frontiers", televised on PBS October 23, 1996. (Figure on right)

MIT Research Digest

November 1996

Top Story

"Computer Wizard. Gandalf is a computer character capable of face-to-face interaction with people in real-time, perceiving their gestures, speech, and gaze. He was developed by a recent MIT graduate ..." FULL ARTICLE 

CNN Impact

March 23, 1997

Wizards of Technology

CNN Impact present what they claim is "far out" science, where the host interacts with Gandalf. (Figure on left)

BBC Soundbytes

The BBC "Soundbytes" program discusses Gandalf and the possibilities the technology opens up.


New World

The Siemens Magazine

"Cyberspace - the Final Frontier", July, 1997

Six page article about Gandalf and other Media Lab creations, featuring a full spread of Gandalf interacting with a user.


The Boston Phoenix

December 12, 1997

"You, robot"

Two-page article about GNL projects, describing Gandalf as a "poor-man's Max Headroom".

National Television of Iceland

December 1997

Evening News

Report about Kris Thórisson's work, showing footage of Kris interacting with Gandalf.

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