Stuff not big enough to warrant an individual page:

mp2d.c -- routine for converting multiple-precision whole numbers to ascii format (following pattern of Numerical Recipes' mp2dfr.c, chapter 20)

mctable.c -- data table for Watt and Watt's marching cubes implementation in their Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques Theory and Practice (Addison-Wesley/ACM Press, 1992): easily the most concise version of this algorithm of the three I have seen (P3D and vtk being the other two). This does not take into account the bug in the MC algorithm pointed out by Durst in "Letters: Additional Reference to Marching Cubes" (Computer Graphics, Volume 22, Number 2, April 1988), nor the fix proposed in Nielson and Hamann, "The Asymptotic Decider: Resolving the Ambiguity in Marching Cubes" (IEEE Visualization, 1991), because of the added implementation complexity. NOTE: I think I reversed the inside/outside definition of the vertices, so if you get backfacing polygons, just reverse the order of the triangle indices.

BasicHashtable.h -- a simple wrapper for SGI's STL hashtable which makes the typical case much easier; it gets rid of the EqualFunc and ExtractKeyFunc template arguments by wrapping keys and values in pairs and storing those in an internal hash table. It assumes operator == for key types. It's also incomplete (doesn't have insert methods taking iterators). Use it however you'd like. I didn't test all of it, but what I did seems to work.

vcdiff workaround for emacs on Windows NT. Compile to vcdiff.exe using "nmake /f vcdiff.mak CFG=Release", or use the executable below. Rename the original vcdiff script to Place both in the same directory (e.g., "C:\emacs\bin\"). sh.exe must be able to be found in $PATH. Requires no further modifications to vc.el.

f16.tar: Port of Prof. Richard Murray's public domain F16 dynamics model (from the Caltech Aerospace Models Archive) to the JavaTM programming language. (As with the original sources, public domain.) Provides generic mechanism for receiving callback when a java.nio direct buffer requiring some sort of cleanup action (such as closing a graphics device) becomes unreachable. Public domain.

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