Package gnu.gleem

Widgets and auxiliary classes for interaction with a 3D scene.


Interface Summary
BSphereProvider Provides a bounding sphere to an arbitrary client.
ManipMotionListener The interface which clients to the gleem library implement to receive notification that a manipulator has moved.
ScreenToRayMapping This interface defines the mapping from normalized screen coordinates to a 3D ray based on the given camera parameters.
WindowUpdateListener A WindowUpdateListener is used by the ManipManager to transmit repaint() notifications to windows containing Manips.

Class Summary
BSphere Represents a bounding sphere.
CameraParameters Container class for camera's parameters.
ExaminerViewer This is an application-level class, not part of the manipulator hierarchy.
HandleBoxManip Patterned after Inventor's HandleBoxManip (by Paul Isaacs and David Mott) and TransformerManip (by Paul Isaacs).
HitPoint Defines an intersection of a ray with a piece of a manipulator
Manip The base class for all manipulators.
ManipManager The ManipManager handles making manipulators visible in a window.
ManipPart A ManipPart is a visible or invisible sub-part of a manipulator.
ManipPartCube A cube of width, height, and depth 2, centered about the origin and aligned with the X, Y, and Z axes.
ManipPartGroup This class groups a set of ManipParts.
ManipPartLineSeg A line segment from (-1, 0, 0) to (1, 0, 0).
ManipPartSquare A 2x2 square in the X-Y plane, centered about the origin, with the normal pointing in the +Z direction.
ManipPartTransform A Group which contains an offset transformation which is performed before the one handed down in setTransform.
ManipPartTriBased Triangle-based manipulator part.
ManipPartTwoWayArrow Piece of geometry defining a two-way arrow, used in Translate1 and Translate2 manips.
NormalCalc Calculates normals for a set of polygons.
NormalCalc.NormalInfo Set of normals computed using NormalCalc.
RayTriangleIntersection Implements ray casting against a 3D triangle.
RightTruncPyrMapping The only mapping gleem supports right now -- a right truncated pyramid.
TestHandleBox Tests the HandleBox Manip.
TestTranslate1 Tests the Translate1 Manip.
TestTranslate2 Tests the Translate2 Manip.
Translate1Manip A Translate1Manip is a Manip which translates in only one dimension and whose default representation is a two-way arrow.
Translate2Manip A Translate2Manip is a Manip which translates in two dimensions and whose default representation is two arrows.

Package gnu.gleem Description

Widgets and auxiliary classes for interaction with a 3D scene.