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Last modified: 2/4/2002. Current gleem version: 1.2.1

NOTE: this version of gleem is no longer being maintained. The current sources are in the jogl-demos workspace at http://jogl-demos.dev.java.net/ and are covered under the BSD license.

Download gleem

There are two source code packages available:

Precompiled Java class files are also available:

Online Demos

The following demos require Java Web Start to be installed. The following launch links work on all of JOGL's supported platforms, currently Solaris/SPARC, Linux/x86, Mac OS X, and Win32/x86.

Translate1 Manip
Translate1 Demo
Translate2 Manip
Translate2 Demo
HandleBox Manip
HandleBox Demo

Controls: click and drag with left mouse button to move manipulator. The HandleBox demo contains an embedded ExaminerViewer, so the camera can be moved as well. ExaminerViewer controls:

Alt/Meta + Left mouse button Rotate about focal point
Alt/Meta + Right mouse button Translate parallel to image plane
Alt/Meta + Left + Right mouse buttons Dolly in/out along view direction

Licensing Terms

gleem is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1, or any later version.

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