Julia Ma
Ghost playing a theremin (work in progress)

The sounds a theremin makes are all very ghost-like, so I thought it would be fitting for a ghost to play its own soundtrack of 'life'. This automaton was designed in collaboration with Eyal Shahar.

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Endless Pachelbel

I am intrigued by the idea of an endless-stamp and have been wanting to make a musical notation stamp kit. Since Pachelbel's Canon is a well-known song where the bass line (oh the poor cellists) repeats ad finitum, I decided to make it into a roller print.

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Plaster mask

Labyrinth is one of Eyal's favorite movies, and he especially loves the masquerade ball scene where Sarah is surrounded by these crazy beautiful masks. We have also been attending various steampunk events (Edwardian Ball, Dickens Fair) and keep seeing the same mask vendors. So when We Players (one of our favorite local theater groups) hosted a mask-making workshop, we immediately signed up and learned how to use plaster sheets. We also took a trip to Venice (motivated by my desire to visit Murano, the birthplace of Venetian glassblowing), talked to Venetian mask-makers, and took many pictures of inspirational masks.

This is the mask I made for We Player's Capulet Ball.

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A few things I've printed with our Form 1 3D printer:

KJP and TPL letters, which are the initials of my friends, inspired by Godel, Escher, Bach.

An octohedron trapped inside a cube, demonstrating the duality of these Platonic solids.

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Stravinsky bedside table

One of my favorite chords is an E-flat dominant seventh played on top of an F-flat-major triad, featured in the "Augurs of Spring" from Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" ballet. This is laser-etched into the top of a bedside table I built.

You can here it in the first 10 seconds of this.

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Julia-patterned fabric

I supported a kickstarter

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Glass Julia fractal

Eyal and I took a glass fusing class. We laser-etched stencils for the various layers of the fractal and carefully shook glass powder on each layer. Then it goes, again carefully, into the annealer to be fused.

Laptop Julia fractal

Laser-etched a Julia fractal onto my laptop. Fractal designed by me. Laser operated by Eyal Shahar.

Embroidered Julia fractal

Julia fractal + embroidery.

Wear the Universe

For SF Science Hack Day 2014, one of the lightning presenters said something like "hack the universe, you can do anything with the universe". Well, can we *wear* the universe?! Eyal and I had recently been playing around with the embroidery function of our sewing machine, so we thought, why yes we can!!

Elizabethan E-collar

This is Zoey, who we catsit for a month. During that time, Zoey had a wound that had some complications, so she had to wear an e-collar. Turns out that the "e" in e-collar stands for "Elizabethan", which was amusing to me since an "Elizabethan collar" is already a thing!! So I made Zoey an Elizabethan e-collar, or EE-collar.

Chisraeli cups

Similar to an ambigram, we combined the characters of Eyal's Chinese name with the Hebrew letters of my last name, and the characters of my Chinese name with the Hebrew letters of Eyal's last name.

Glass blown by me. Laser operated by Eyal Shahar.

Mobius zippers

A long time ago, I learned that cutting a Mobius strip down the center turns a 1-sided piece of paper into a 2-sided piece of paper. When I started playing with zippers, I wondered what kind of topological experiments I could do with them.

Unzipping a Mobius strip in half results in 1 loop with 2 twists.

Unzipping a Mobius strip in thirds results in 2 loops: 1 Mobius strip entangled within a loop with 2 twists.

Unzipping a Mobius strip in fourths results in 2 loops entangled with each other, each with 2 twists.

Maleficent costume

For Halloween 2011, I blew a glass bulb, inserted an LED, and created a glowing staff. I also sewed my dress. The headpiece was purchased.

Disco skirt (in progress)

I am working on a patchwork skirt made of disco fabric. I really love the lines, angles, and light reflections from the pieces.


I took a blacksmithing class during MIT's Independent Activities Period and made these two hooks. Heating, pounding, and twisting metal is fun!