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Brown, B. A. T., Taylor, A. S., Izadi, S., Sellen, A., Kaye, J. 'J.', Eardley, E.: Locating Family Values: A Field Trial of the Whereabouts Clock. (Best Paper Nominee). Proc. Ubicomp 2007: 354-371.

Brown, L. and Kaye, J. 'J.' Eggs-ploring the influence of material properties on haptic experience. Poster, Ext. Abs. HAID'07.

Gaw, S., Kaye, J. 'J.' and Wood, K. Screensaver for Note-Review. Poster, Ext. Abs. ESCSW'07

Gaver, W., P. Sengers, T. Kerridge, J.'J.' Kaye, and J. Bowers (2007). Enhancing Ubiquitous Computing with User Interpretation: Field Testing the Home Health Horoscope. Full Paper, Proc. CHI 2007, to appear.

Kaye, J. 'J'.  Horoscopes: Valuing the Irrational.  Ambidextrous Magazine 2(1) Spring 2007



Evolving Evaluation from Engineers to Experience: What History can Teach us About Evaluation in HCI. Human-Computer Interaction Seminar, Stanford University, 27 April 2007.

The Evolution of Evaluation. alt.chi, CHI 2007, San Jose CA, 30 April 2007.

Expanding the Scope: Pushing the Boundaries of HCI Mumbai, India. 19 March 2007.

Towards Experience-focused HCI. Invited Talk, BostonCHI, MIT Stata Center, 16 March 2007. Video



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I co-authored the 2003 MIT Mystery Hunt