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GoWhere, an experimental synthesis of Google Maps and Google Talk
Magicicada Online Database & Map, an online entomological resource
I am an alumnus of the Viral Communications Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Graduate Research

My Master's thesis topic, A Day in the Life of the RF Spectrum examines RF spectrum usage.
Experiments I have done using the gnuradio software-defined radio platform can be found here


MAS.510 / MAS.511 - Signals, Systems, and Information for Media Technology
MAS.863 - How to Make (Almost) Anything
Visit my "Fab Class" Web page here.
Visit the fab lab page here.
MAS.836 - Sensor Technologies for Interactive Environments
MAS.963 - (Special Topics) Ambient Intelligence
the spring 2004 page is here
this year's class web page is here
6.828 - Operating System Engineering
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