Qian (Janice) Wang



Music, Mind, and Mouth

Food offers us a rich multi-modal experience that can deeply affect emotion and memory. I'm interested in exploring the artistic and expressive potential of food beyond mere nourishment, as a means of creating memorable experiences that involve multiple senses.

My master's thesis, titled "Music, Mind, and Mouth: Exploring the Interaction Between Music and Flavor Perception", can be found here.

Design Work

As part of my thesis, I'm designing a series of dining experiences at the Lab and elsewhere. At the Media Lab, I conducted a series of experimental pop-up dinners to study different aspects of the dining experience.

2/1/13 Concept Dinner - Dishes can express abstract ideas, too.

2/15/13 Musical Condiments - Using music to modulate flavor.

2/22/13 Food and Emotion - Emotion pairing with each course.

3/5/13 Surprise! - Rethinking dinner.

5/8/13 Silk Dinner in collabroation with Professor Fiorenzo Omenetto and his team from Tufts University.

5/17/13 Research@ML Feast - A multisensory feast for 120 people as part of an event celebrating research at the Media Lab.


Experimental Work

The root of my immersive design experiences often come from crossmodal experiments. As part of my thesis, I conducted a series of experiments looking at the effect of music and flavor perception.