Qian (Janice) Wang



June 2014 Multisensory Dinner in Swampscott

The multisensory dinner in Swampscott, MA took place in June. Because the location was right on the coast, I designed the entire experience around the sea; specifically, I imagiend a trip to the bottom of the sea and back, conveyed through the food, lighting, aroma, and music.

Instead of a traditional menu, I designed a menu without words, with only symbols to evoke the feeling of each course. The background color for each course in the menu reflects the depth at which the participants are currently (and metaphorically) located.

The color of the dining room was also altered to complement the time of the day and the meaning of the courses.


*** I would like to thank the Peabody Essex Museum for giving me the opportunity to design the experience, and The Catered Affair for such an excellent job in carrying my vision to fruition.