Qian (Janice) Wang


October 2012 99Fridays*: Space Elevator!

Motivation: This was another spin on the elevator idea. I wanted to take the normal use of elevator and turn it on its head – in this case, I constructed a roller coaster ride.

We covered the floor of the elevator with moving blankets and suspended red LED lights from the ceiling using clear fishing wire. Speakers were set up to play “spacey” electronic music.

Participants were given a pack of Pop Rocks before they entered the elevator. Once inside, they were asked to lie down and eat the Pop Rocks as the elevator moved up and down. The elevator was completely dark except for the moving points of red LED lights. After five minutes, the elevator returned to the initial level.

*99Fridays is a series of homegrown events at the Media Lab aimed that exploring festival technologies, interactive arts, and ludic spaces.