Qian (Janice) Wang



5-8-13 Silk Dinner

In collaboration with Professor Fiorenzo Omenetto and researchers Benedetto Marelli and Jodie Moreau from Tufts University, we used silk to create a dinner around the theme of art and design.

We used silk cocoons as menu stands:


First Course
Hello soup

Cauliflower and parsnip soup with spiced silk film letters. Upon stirring, the letters dissolve and flavor the soup.


Second Course
Risotto with saffron gel and diffraction grating silk film.

The saffron gel and silk film both melts upon contact with the hot risotto, creating a saffron-flavored risotto in the end.

For this dish, I constructed LED coasters that would light up when pressure is applied on top.

We also made a centerpiece to show off the diffraction grating on the silk film:


Third Course
Tattooed chicken with mushroom sauce

Each chicken breast was tattooed with soy sauce, using a $70 tattoo gun purchased online.


Fourth Course
Strawberry panna cotta with rosewater silk confetti.

Here it is with the coasters lit in the dark:


Fifth Course
Tea and Cookies

In keeping with the art and design theme, I made millefiori cookies:

We made tea-flavored silk films that dissolves into hot water to make tea: