Qian (Janice) Wang



Edible Fashion

I would like to think that food can also be considered "fashion", in the sense that it's subject to its own trends and sense of aesthetics...as well as hype (consider the cupcake craze). I wanted to merge the two by making a piece of "fashion" made entirely out of edible material. The temporary nature of food parallels the fleeting trends of fashion, even if conventional clothes decay much more slowly than food. With an edible dress, we can literally be consumers of fashion.


Ramen Corset

Ramen is a surprisingly good molding material. I made a torso mold using aluminum foil, then lightly cooked packaged ramen in boiling water until it was pliable before laying the noodles onto the mold.


Edible Paper Skirt

My initial idea was to make an origami dress, but edible wafer paper breaks when folded. Instead, I rolled each sheet into a cone ("glued" with water) and strung them together to make a puffy skirt.


Lasercut Fruit Leather Jewelry

Inspired by leather jewlery, I laser-cut sheets of homemade fruit leather to make earrings and necklaces.