"only as an æsthetic phenomenon
is existence and the world justified"

- nietzsche

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Breakdown of the Language Metaphor (in Communicative Systems) [23 aug 2004]

Grounding Frameworks in Sociological Theories [23 aug 2004]

Connective technologies for the home [3 dec 2003]

Visualizing contacts in email [18 nov 2003]

An impressionistic visualization of newsgroups as social ecologies [12 nov 2003]

Raisons d'etre for three types of order in online forums [28 oct 2003]

A positive testimonial / negative gossip scheme for reputation in online dating [21 oct 2003]

A game-theoretic analysis of the psychology of online reputation systems [21 oct 2003]

Hybridizing public and gossip reputation systems for eBay [21 oct 2003]

Toward richer visualizations of social network ties [14 oct 2003]

An economics metaphor for social support [14 oct 2003]

Weak ties as social glue [14 oct 2003]



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