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Download the raw Open Mind Common Sense knowledge here.

OMCS predicate argument structures: (1.81mb zipped, 8mb unzipped)

OMCS semantic net: (5 mb zipped, 45 mb unzipped)

OMCSNet Concept Browser (EXE, for Windows, includes semantic net data file): (5.8mb zipped, 41mb unzipped, 100mb+ free RAM is recommended)

OMCS Tools for Python (includes tagger, chunker, lemmatiser, OMCSNet API for Python) v0.2, please do not distribute, not all parts licensed for distribution:

JAVA API for OMCSNet (v.0.0.3):

bugfix history:
v.0.0.3 fixed: lambda nested scope problem with FindPathsBetween()
fixed: GetContext() returned null
fixed: OMCSNet Rebuilt with jython core api
v.0.0.2 changed package name's case, which conflicted with a module name (thanks avni)
added sample program
v.0.0.1 first build

Current capabilities: Return edges for a node by node name; Find top 20 paths between two nodes; Gets the node's context (top 20 nodes) by spreading activation