"only as an æsthetic phenomenon
is existence and the world justified"

- nietzsche

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Hugo Liu is a postdoctoral scholar at the Media Laboratory and in MIT's Program in Comparative Media Studies. Liu is developing a research program around the computation of point-of-view and aesthetic experience. Inspired by literary theory and informed by artificial intelligence computation, Liu's investigations span the computational modeling of, inter alia, emotion, aesthetics, time experience, culture, common sense, gustation, identity, and humour. Liu has written and spoken extensively around these thematics— his work is recognized with two best paper prizes, and has enjoyed coverage in the New York Times, Technology Review, and Slashdot. He is author of the ConceptNet common sense reasoning package and the popular MontyLingua natural language understanding package. Liu holds a Ph.D. in Media Arts & Science and bachelors and masters degrees in Computer Science, all from MIT.

Qua theorist, and quite in the same vein as Knuth, Liu believes that computation can illuminate the most basic and most slippery of human theories by producing workable reifications— materials that can sustain the dialectic of the humanities through this century.






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program in comparative media studies, mit

the media laboratory, mit
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