"only as an æsthetic phenomenon
is existence and the world justified"

- nietzsche

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talk: "aesthetic issues in user modeling" (25 oct 06) computational linguistics and information processing colloquium series, university of maryland. [abstract]

workshop: aaai-06 computational aesthetics: ai approaches to beauty & happiness (16 jul 06) [order the proceedings] [unofficial notes] [website]

cfp: semantics of people and culture (ijswis journal special issue) [cfp deadline oct 06]

course offering: 24.262 / cms.851 feeling and imagination in art, science and technology (fall 06) [catalogue] [syllabus]

"computing point-of-view: modeling and simulating judgments of taste" (18 apr 06) [metadata] [realmedia video stream]


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mit program in comparative media studies

media laboratory, mit
if you like my work, please link to me
hugo at media dot mit dot edu

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