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WSU student Shannon Woolard live interview of Thomas Lanners on WSUiR
WSUiR, WSU's student radio station, was founded under CRATEL as a way to explore a medium for making local and worldwide cultural experiences more tangible. The station operates from a belief that people are personally struck and motivated by voices and sounds from communities they may not normally feel connected to. Our hope is that this experience may help awaken an awareness of the richness of our global community and also the necessity of maintaining and celebrating that on a local level.

To realistically consider making an impact worldwide, we operate within the context of our station being a model for how a media resource could be created and maintained elsewhere. We aim to remove the common barrier of financial concerns by only using open-source software. By providing a package of software and guidance for creating a community Internet radio station, our model could easily be shared across the globe and enable other organizations to also have their voices carried everywhere accessible by the Internet.