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WSU Percussion Department website
Built by CRATEL student Brian Lewis
In exploring how to best support the growing online community at WSUiR, CRATEL developed proficiency installing and configuring Drupal, a leading open-source content management platform. With the right configuration, Drupal can realize powerful ideas regarding the implementation and structure of online communities.

CRATEL is about to launch a new Drupal-based website for WSUiR which will allow DJs to upload, schedule and blog about their shows online. While developing the expertise to configure this, CRATEL student Brian Lewis also built the WSU Percussion website.

Most recently, WSU'S Center for Entrepreneurship contracted CRATEL to build Meridian 6 (M6), an online community where ideas, capital, knowledge and hard work come together to form new companies or transform existing companies.

WSU Percussion website
Meridian 6