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Build Day graphic
Sensor construction used with
former WSU Percussion Professor Dr. J.C. Combs'
replica of an instrument originally made by Harry Partch
Every friday between 4 and 8pm, the CRATEL lab is open to visitors, volunteers, or anybody who wants to come by, chat, or build something. Anything goes but the discussions are usually driven by students who are excited and ready to build.

During Build Day, students are free to explore circuits, software, computers and build projects. Moreover, various students have come to the lab during Build Day for help with their own projects, from microphone interfacing to Linux installation.

During Build Day, the students typically build projects directly related to their academic study and interests. For example, WSU music student Brian Mueller interfaced a Logochip to an LCD and audio amplifier to build his own programmable tuner for his percussion practice.

Perhaps CRATEL's most recognized Build Day project involved several percussion students who interfaced sensors to replicas of rare instruments originally made by Harry Partch. The students interfaced the sensors to microcontrollers which then sent MIDI signals to computers. In this way, they could successfully perform on the replicas, triggering the sounds of the original instruments when they struct the replicas with mallets.

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