video time warping

spring 2004

live interactive installation : spacesqueak (redtail collective) . boston, ma, usa - february 2004
captured video + sound : simplicity design show . mit . cambridge, ma, usa - may 2004
remote interactive : collision x . art interactive . cambridge, ma, usa - november 2006

time warping is a video effect that remaps time over the space of the frame. it was inspired by zbig rybczynski's 1988 short film the fourth dimension.


following a conversation with one of the poor souls who slaved on the painstakingly analog 'fourth dimension' (an artist whose name i'm still trying to track down), i thought that it might be cool to experiment with a digital version of this technique, extending its reach beyond pre-recorded straight vertical distortion.

i was particularly intrigued by the interactive possibilities of this method, a technique which is best described as delaying the lines of a video a frame at a time - so that one end of the video frame is smoothly lagging behind the other end by a few seconds (the exact direction and lag depending on the parameters of the warp).

zooming out on a window

after a quick matlab sketch (above), i saw potential, felt that it was worth pursuing the idea, and immediately shelved it on my to-do list for 9 months.

the project got resurrected at the maeda + csikszentmihalyi + breazeal + ishii 'simplicity' design studio , where both an interactive and a captured video version were developed, resulting in the works on the right.

this bit was kind of an unexpected side effect, but i still love it like the crippled child it is.


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guy hoffman