Construction EQ
iTunes Visualizer Plugin v0.1

This iTunes Visualizer Plugin maps the intensity of the currently playing song to the passing of time on a construction site. It tries to do so in a somewhat intelligent way.

Download v0.1

System Requirements

Mac OS X. Should work with 10.4 and up, tested with 10.5


Simply drag the iTunes Construction EQ bundle to your iTunes Plug-ins folder, located at ~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins and (re)start iTunes.


Select "Construction EQ" from the "View > Visualizer" menu and then "Turn On Visualizer" (Cmd-T)


The plugin responds to a number of keyboard shortcuts:

s: smoothing on/off
a: auto-adjust for the song's dynamic range on/off

the plugin will try to guess the song's loudness range and adjust its mapping accordingly

d: show/hide the debug window

for the geeks out there

h: show/hide the shortcut/settings window


Zoom into the window with the Ctrl key and the scrollwheel to focus on just part of the construction action.


For comments, suggestions, and bug-reports, please write guyθmedia·mit·edu