Talking Stopwatch and Timer for Android Phones

© 2009 Guy Hoffman

"The one Android app you really can't live without"
 --the developer

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1000s of uses ever been late to catch a bus? practiced for a timed exam? timed your run or exercise? cooked? baked? then you'll love this talking, keep-your-eyes-free stopwatch and timer.

wtf? it's a stopwatch, it's a countdown timer, and it talks. like so: "10 minutes, 5 seconds" (now only imagine a robot saying it). it will even say the current time if you want to. and it runs in the background, as a stable system service, so you can go ahead and do other things. the talker just won't stop. till you get enough, that is.

it's so you highly configurable, you can change the timing interval, you can tell it to go up from zero or down from whatever time you'd like, you can have it chime and stop at a pre-set ending time, heck you can even make it say what time it is ever 3 minutes and 42 seconds. if you're so inclined.

like what? say you're practicing for the SATs. you can keep your eyes on your exam while it reminds you every 10 minutes to keep it real. or you're walking to the train station, while listening to music. The Egg will keep your finger on the pulse so you won't be late. or you want to run for 38 minutes and get 7-minute reminders for how long you've been at it. or you're baking something fancy, which needs your repeated attention. in short - it's for you to keep doing what you want to do without having to look at the clock. who doesn't need that? i hate looking at the clock. and look! it only costs you one crisp george washington. as little as a can of coke (in some places).

the future is bright buy now and get free upgrades for life. planned for the upcoming versions: save different activities and settings. set custom notification sounds. change the voice language. volume control (duh!). and maybe, just maybe, super-smart notification patterns ("ring every 20 minutes, and then every 2 minutes for the last 10 minutes"). the possibilities are endless.

Think about it as an investment. An investment in your punctuality.

release notes


Fixed a bug that enabled users of Android 1.5 to install (and subsequently crash). Note that "The Egg" only works on Android 1.6 and up.


Fixed a crash when a 00:00:00 notification interval was input. Now, a zero interval means no notifications. Also fixed a crash that occurred on keyboard-enabled phones when the keyboard was opened.


Initial release to Android Market.