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 M E

  I am Brazilian and I miss Brazil a whole lot. I grew up in Rio de Janeiro and left to attend the University of Kansas. I later came to MIT to get my Masters. I am now doing my PhD in the Sociable Media Group at the MIT Media Laboratory. My advisor is Judith Donath.

I am a big fan of dancing (especially salsa), even though I can't seem to find the time to go out dancing much here in Boston... :(

My other big passion is water. I am a diver (nitrox certified) and I am always mesmerized by the beautiful shapes, colors, and movement patterns of life underwater. I wish my visualizations were half as beautiful as some of the things I see down there... This is the reason for the pictures of the sea anemones you see on my site.


 Até quando

 Gabriel O Pensador

Muda, que quando a gente muda o mundo muda com a gente. 
A gente muda o mundo na mudança da mente. 
E quando a mente muda a gente anda pra frente. 
E quando a gente manda ninguém manda na gente. 
Na mudança de atitude não há mal que não se mude nem doença sem cura. 
Na mudança de postura a gente fica mais seguro, 
na mudança do presente a gente molda o futuro!