I am currently a gradaute student at the MIT Media Lab working as a research assistant for Prof. Hiroshi Ishii in the Tangible Media Group. Below is a sample of the work I have done in the last two years.
curlybot is an toy that can record and playback physical motion. A child can show curlybot what to do, and the toy will repeat that motion perfectly. curlybot has been commercialized by LEGO into a product called LEGO Record & Play
inTouch explores haptic interpersonal communication. By creating the illusion of a shared physical object, we open up a channel for physical expression for two geographically separated users.
weathervane is an ambient fixture that also presistantly displays recent historical data. This additional information provides a context when there is are changes in the data.
marbles is a new physical interface for connecting and visualizing the connection between wireless devices.

I have also been involved with the implementation and design of the ambientROOM, the new TouchCounters, and Ambient Fixtures, including pinwheels, waterlamp, and spline.