Flavia Sparacino
Museum of the Future
Media in Performance
MIT Media Lab



Technology demonstrations at conferences and universities

SIGGRAPH 96, Emerging Technologies, Digital Bayou
New Orleans, LA, USA, August 4-9, 1996

City of News
Ars Electronica 97, Linz, Austria
Linz, September 1997

Improvisational Theater Space
with: the great improv. actress Kristin Hall and technical support from Eric Trimble
co-authors: Christopher Wren, Glorianna Davenport and Alex Pentland
The Sixth Biennal Symposium on Arts and Technology 97
Center for Arts and Technology @ Connecticut College, February 27-March 2, 1997

Meta-City Sarajevo
presented in video format
Ars Electronica 98, Linz, Austria
Linz, September 1998

installation open to the public
at the International Dance and Technology 99
IDAT 99, Arizona State University, Feb. 25-28, 1999

Unbuilt Ruins
Interactive Museum Installation
MIT Compton Gallery
February and March 1999

Unbuilt Ruins
Interactive Museum Installation
at the International Conference on Hypertext and Interactive Museums
ICHIM 99, Washington, DC, Sept. 22-26, 1999

City of News and Wearable City of News
SIGGRAPH 99, Emerging Technologies
Los Angeles, August 8-13, 1999

The Museum Wearable
Museums and the Web 02
Boston, April 17-20, 2002

Interactive Transportable Architecture: a computer vision interface a la "Minority Report"
SIGGRAPH 03, Emerging Technologies
San Diego, July 27-31, 2003

Invited Talks


Visiting researcher, trajectory planning for intelligent robots
ETL Laboratory, Tsukuba, Japan, 9/92 to 12/92

Research affiliate, cognitive engineering
URIA (Artificial Intelligence Research Unit), Milan, Italy, 4/88 to 7/90