Flavia Sparacino
Museum of the Future/Media in Performance
MIT Media Lab


Natural Interaction in Intelligent Spaces:
Designing for architecture and entertainment (draft)
F. Sparacino
To be published in: Multimedia Tools and Applications Journal, Springer, 2008

Interactive Narrative Spaces      pdf
F. Sparacino
In: DiiD, Industrial Design Journal, September-October 2005

Scenographies of the Past and Museums of the Future:
From the Wunderkammer to Body-Driven Interactive Narrative Spaces
F. Sparacino
In: Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2004, October 10-16, New York, New York, USA

Museum Intelligence:
Using Interactive Technologies For Effective Communication And Storytelling In The "Puccini Set Designer" Exhibit
F. Sparacino
In: Proceedings of ICHIM 2004, Berlin, Germany, August 31-September 2nd 2004

a Bayesian Network Architecture for User Modeling and Computational Storytelling for Interactive Spaces
F. Sparacino
In: Proceedings of Ubicomp, The Fifth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing 2003: Seattle, WA, USA

Interactive Transportable Architecture      pdf     html
Oliver Irschitz, Priam Givord, Flavia Sparacino
SIGGRAPH 03, Visual Proceedings, Emerging Technologies, San Diego, July 27-31, 2003

Narrative Spaces: bridging architecture and entertainment via interactive technology      pdf
F. Sparacino
6th International Conference on Generative Art, Politecnico di Milano University, Milan, Italy, 10-13 December 2002

Browsing 3-D spaces with 3-D vision: body-driven navigation through the Internet city      pdf
F. Sparacino, C. Wren, A. Azarbayejani, A. Pentland
Proceedings of 3DPVT: 1st International Symposium on 3D Data Processing Visualization and Transmission, Padova, Italy, June 19-21 2002

The Museum Wearable:
real-time sensor-driven understanding of visitors' interests for personalized visually-augmented museum experiences
F. Sparacino
Proceedings of Museums and the Web (MW2002), April 17-20, Boston, 2002

(Some) computer vision based interfaces for interactive art and entertainment installations      pdf
F. Sparacino
In: INTER_FACE Body Boundaries, issue editor: Emanuele Quinz, Anomalie n. 2, Paris, France, Anomos, 2001.

a Bayesian network architecture for combined user modeling, sensor fusion, and computational storytelling for interactive spaces.
F. Sparacino
MIT PhD Thesis, 2001

Media in performance: Interactive spaces for dance, theater, circus, and museum exhibits      pdf
F. Sparacino, G. Davenport, and A. Pentland
IBM Systems Journal Vol. 39, Nos. 3 & 4, 2000, p. 479 - Issue Order No. G321-0139

Wearable Cinema/Werable City: bridging physical and virtual spaces through wearable computing      pdf
F. Sparacino, G. Davenport, A. Pentland
IMAGINA 2000, invited presentation, Montecarlo, January 31st-February 3rd 2000

Technologies and methods for interactive exhibit design: from wireless object and body tracking to wearable computers      pdf
F. Sparacino, K. Larson, R, MacNeil, G. Davenport, A. Pentland
International Conference on Hypertext and Interactive Museums, ICHIM 99, Washington, DC, Sept. 22-26, 1999

The Museum as a living Memory Theater      html
F. Sparacino, G. Davenport, and A. Pentland
MCN Spectra Millennial Digest, e-postcard, 2000 MCN Spectra, the Museum Computer Network at www.mcn.edu

Combining Audio and Video in Perceptive Spaces      pdf
C. Wren, S. Basu, F. Sparacino, A. Pentland
Managing Interactions in Smart Environments (MANSE 99), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, December 13-14 1999

City of News      html
F. Sparacino, R. DeVaul, C. Wren, R. MacNeil, G. Davenport, A. Pentland
SIGGRAPH 99, Visual Proceedings, Emerging Technologies, Los Angeles, August 8-13, 1999

City of News      pdf
F. Sparacino, G. Davenport, A. Pentland
published in: KOS, no 179-180, September 2000

Media Actors, Characters in Search of an Author      pdf
Flavia Sparacino, Glorianna Davenport, Alex Pentland
IEEE Multimedia Systems '99, International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems (IEEE ICMCS'99),
Centro Affari, Firenze, Italy 7-11 June 1999.

Augmented Performance in Dance and Theater      pdf
F. Sparacino, C. Wren, G. Davenport, A. Pentland
International Dance and Technology 99 (IDAT99), at Arizona State University, Feb. 25-28, 1999.

Digital Circus: a computer-vision based interactive Virtual Studio      pdf
F. Sparacino, C. Wren, G. Davenport, A. Pentland
IMAGINA, Monte Carlo, Monaco, 18-20th January 1999.

Wearable Performance      html     pdf
Flavia Sparacino, Alex Pentland, Glorianna Davenport
International Symposium on Wearable Computers, Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 13 - 14, 1997.

Responsive Portraits      html
Flavia Sparacino, Nuria Oliver, Alex Pentland, Glorianna Davenport
The Eighth International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 97), Chicago, IL, September 22-27, 1997

City of News      html
Flavia Sparacino, Alex Pentland, Glorianna Davenport, Michal Hlavac, Mary Obelnicki
Proceedings of the: Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria, 8-13 September 1997

Optical Tracking for Music and Dance Performance      pdf
J.A. Paradiso and F. Sparacino
Fourth Conference on Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques, Zurich Switzerland, September 29-October 2, 1997

Improvisational Theater Space      html     pdf
Flavia Sparacino, Kristin Hall, Christopher Wren, Glorianna Davenport, Alex Pentland
The Sixth Biennal Symposium for Arts and Technology, Connecticut College, New London, CT, February 27 - March 2, 1997.

Encounters in DreamWorld: A Work in Progress
Davenport, G., Agamanolis, S., Bradley, B., Sparacino, F.
In: Proceedings of: Consciousness Reframed, 1st International CAiiA Research Conference,
University of Wales College, Newport, Wales, July 1997

DirectIVE: Choreographing Media for Interactive Virtual Environments
Flavia Sparacino
Master Thesis, MIT Media Lab, 1996

Perceptive Spaces for Performance and Entertainment:
Untethered Interaction using Computer Vision and Audition
     html     pdf
Christopher R. Wren, Flavia Sparacino, et al.
Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) Journal, June 1996

HyperPlex: a World of 3D Interactive Digital Movies      html     pdf
F. Sparacino, C. Wren, A. Pentland, G. Davenport
IJCAI'95 Workshop on Entertainment and AI/Alife, Montreal, August 1995

Synthesis of Parallel Manipulators Using Lie Groups      pdf
F. Sparacino and J.M. Herve'
IEEE-Tsukuba International Workshop on Advanced Robotics, Japan, November 8-9, 1993

STAR: a new Concept in Robotics      pdf
J.M. Herve' and F. Sparacino
International Conference 3K-ARK, Ferrara, Italy, September 7-9, 1992

Structural Synthesis of Parallel Robots Generating Spatial Translation      pdf
J.M. Herve' and F. Sparacino
ICAR '91, Pise, Italy, June 19-22, 1991
ICAR special prize for the high scientific value the research

Snake: a computational experiment in everyday reasoning
B. Bara, A. Carassa, M. Colombetti, G. Geminiani and F. Sparacino
Third Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology, New Hall, Cambridge, September 9-12, 1988