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WeatherSpheres (WebGL)

Created a weather sphere class comprised of many semi-spheres allocated to a single weather-related element.

Weather conditions are conveyed through the visible toggling of these semispherical weather elements.


Character Producer (AS3)

For story curation, Jibo would ask the user for a selfie then ask to show him something bumpy. He would then extract the eyes from the selfie and instantiate the bump texture across a particular character canvas.

3D Menu System (WebGL)

Various 3D menu navigation experiments in WebGL.


Scene Producer (AS3)

Similiary to Character Producer, Jibo asks the user to draw a flower and then instantiates it in a story scene. Other scene elements, such as the background, are also from gathered textures.


Album Audio Visualizer (WebGL)
Transition experiment from album art to 3D visualizer through color quantizing. The idea was to have a single layout that allowed a user to transition from album selection to playback via slider.


TinkerBooks Engine (AS3)

Created “TinkerBooks” story engine for authors and artists to easily create and deploy interactive stories on tablet for facilitating exploration and learning through multi-modal interaction.


Ingeeni A.I. Editors (AS3)

Created 6 editors in AS3 for authoring A.I. characters for the web based on Ingeeni's 3D Flash stage; Sprite, Skeleton, Stage, Motor, Behavior and NDSS editors. 


Character Trainer (AS3)

Created a twitch-game character trainer in AS3 for Ingeeni soccer game. The more the character is trained, the better the character will perform in-game.

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