Alexander Faaborg



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I am currently a User Experience Specialist at the Mozilla Corporation, working on the user interface of Firefox 3.

MIT Media Lab

From 2003 to 2005, I was a Research Assistant at the MIT Media Lab in the Software Agents Group under Professor Henry Lieberman.

My research focused on improving software applications by giving them access to Common Sense Knowledge (hundreds of thousands of facts about the world that every person knows and every computer doesn't).  This knowledge about human existence enables applications to act more intelligently, improving human computer interaction.  Prototypes I developed scaled all the way from improving word prediction on cell phones to creating a next-generation Web browser.

Cornell University

In May 2003 I graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University as a member of the College Scholar Program with a Bachelor of Arts in Information Science and a concentration in Cognitive Science.

My independent research and coursework at Cornell included software projects involving the Semantic Web, peer-to-peer networks, search engines, neural networks, visualizing social networks, human vision, and computer graphics.