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Selected Publications


2007 – Experiences of artifacts: appropriation / affordances [PDF]
[For Ernst v.  Glasersfeld]. Keywords:  radical constructivism, Piaget, world-making, world-reading, design, artifacts as interlocutors, learning as conversation w/ artifacts.


2005 – Playthings that do things: A young kid’s “incredibles”! [PDF]
Keywords: Animated toys, children, self-propelled movement, agency, robotics, play, imagination, identity, attachment, control. [Related paper: Relating to things that think. In Play of ideas, ideas of play. 2000. p. 2]


2004– Constructing knowledge and transforming the world:... [PDF]
Keywords: Constructivism. Piaget. Vygotsky. Powers of pretense, Seductions of Sim, Virtues of Virtual.


2003 - Hidden drivers of pedagogic transactions:… [PDF]
Keywords: Epistemology, constructivism, conversation techniques, reflective practice, self-scrutiny, clinical exploration. Teachers as designers.


2001- Language games, Digital writing and emerging literacies:.. [PDF]
Keywords: literacy, digital writing, text and context, narrative competence, enactments.


1999- Build, Launch, Convene:... (With Carol Strohecker) [PDF]
Keywords: Interactive sketches. Constructive-dialogic. Conversational turn-taking. Microworlds. Interaction design. The ”Magix” Series (PatternMagix, AnimMagix). Emergent phenomena. Multivariate systems. Geometric patterns,


1996 – Perspective taking and object construction: … [PDF]
Keywords: Cognitive adaptation, assimilation, accommodation, situated knowledge. object permanency. Perspective-taking experiments. Mental rotation, god’s eyes view

1993 – Tools for constructive learning: On Interactivity [PDF]
keywords: direct / mediated experience, physical / virtual worlds. hands-on / heads-in. pretense / simulation. Agency. Interactivity? immersion, point of view, locus of control.
1991 - The agency model of Transactions: Toward … [PDF]
Keywords: purpose, causation, children and cybernetics: theories of control and communication in humans, animals, and machines. Intelligent artifacts. Robotics.
1991 – From de-contextualized to situated knowledge:… [PDF]
Keywords: Piaget. Papert. Stage theory. Differential approach. Situated knowledge. Role of media: drawing, showing, telling. Context. Children. Water-level experiment revisited

Collective papers

2007- Exploratory design, augmented furniture: On (…) object presence [PDF]
[With Nikolovska, L.] Keywords: poetics, object presence, small moments, interactive furniture: robotic chairs, squeeze chairs, talking tables, stealing tables, running tables…


2004 – Roballet – Exploring learning through expression in art [PDF]
Authors: David Cavallo, Arnan Sipitakiat, Anindita Basu, Shaundra Bryant, Larissa Welti-Santos, John Maloney, Siyu Chen, Erik Asmussen, Cynthia Solomon, Edith Ackermann
Keywords: Children, dance, robotics, performing arts, expression. Choreography. Immersive environments.


1999 – The relevance of relevance in children’s cognition [PDF]
Authors: Agnes Blaye, Edith Ackermann, Paul Light,
Keywords: Wason, Piaget, Nelson, truth and relevance, logic, reasoning in children, pragmatics, contexts of use, categories, inclusion, negation, situated learning, scripts.


1998 – Experience journals: Using computers to share stories [PDF]
Authors: Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, Dennis Bromley, Carol Strohecker , Joe Marks a, David Ray DeMaso, Edith Ackermann, Sarah Gibson, Chia Shen, and Marina Umaschi.


1998 – Interactive story-telling environments: Coping w/Cardiac [PDF]
Authors: Marina Umaschi Bers and Edith K. Ackermann. With Justine Cassell, Beth Donegan, Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, David Ray DeMaso Carol Strohecker, Sarah Lualdi, Dennis Bromley, Judith Karlin
Keyword: children’s hospital/MERL. Pilot study. Cardiac illness.. SAGE. Strory-telling. Children tell stories. direct, mediated, differed modes. Affordances of SAGE story-teller.


2007 – Noter pour penser: Du Graphique au numérique [PDF]
Mots clé: capacités notationnelles chez l’enfant, outils d’écritures digitales., productions infographiques descriptions et instructions, commandes à exécuter.
(written in 2005. still in press)


1994- Environnements interactifs: Culture de zappeurs ou auteurs? [PDF]
Mots-clé: Interactivité, contrôle, immersion, feed-back, traitement d’informaton, outils d’expression. Constructivisme. Cognitivisme, Culture de zappeurs. Culture d’auteurs.


2001-Bambini Digitali, Strumenti narrativi, scrittura dialogica [PDF]
Parole-chiavi: I cento linguagi dei bambini. Malaguzzi. Technologie Digitali. Parola, Scritta.


2002 - “Ambienti di Gioco Programmabili: Cos’e possibile … [PDF]
Parole-chiavi: giocchi programmabili per bambini di 4 anni. Perche? Cos’`e possible? Construire. Ambienti interattivi.


2002 – Costruire giocattoli cibernetici: per la scuola dell’ infanzia [PDF]
Con Augusto Chioccariello, Stefania Manca, Luigi Sarti.
Parole-Chiavi: giocchi cybernetici per la scuola dell’ infanzia. Perque imparare a programmare? A chi piace?


1993- Ferramentas para o aprendizado construtivo [PDF]
Translation of 1993 paper. Tools for constructive learning; rethinking interactivity