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With University of Siena: EU-Funded IT-Minerva Project: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/static/Bots/docbots/TCP/Compendia/documents/Compendium_Minerva_2006_EN.pdf. [229600-CP-1-2006-1-IT-MINERVA-M].


PUENTE (2006-2009) -  Public spaces for inter-generational learning

Project leader: Giulio Toccafondi, University of Siena, Italy. Partners:  University of Siena, IT; University of Liège, BE;  Campo Rosso, BE; University of Barcelona, SP; FUTURELAB, UK; CER., UK; and University of Bucharest.

Visit website: http://www.saul.unisi.it/puente/

“PUENTE” stands for bridge and, in this case, the bridge connects the young and the old or, more generally, newcomers and old-timers to a place, or community: PUENTE identifies conditions that may draw folks who wouldn’t otherwise meet to do things they couldn’t otherwise dream of [learn from each other, respect one another, broaden their views]. Combining different approaches, such as case studies and participatory design tehniques, we imagine events and activities that enable participants to unveil aspects of their  “personae” otherwise untapped, and we create settings and places reflective of the changing identities and dreams of its members.

My role:

Help the team pin-down conditions conducive to convivial and learning-rich encounters, in ways that are natural and non-imposing. Help team design and evaluate experientially rich and stimulating activities, events, and spaces.  Help team identify and spread good practices that foster IG learning. 


With University of Siena / Kaleidoscope: Concepts and methods for exploring the future of learning with digital technologies: http://www.noe-kaleidoscope.org


La Piazza (2006) - Convivial space, transitional zone, living stage

Project leader: Rossella Magli, Campo Rosso    Partners:  Campo Rosso, NESTA Future Lab, UBARCELONA, ULIEGE, UNISI. LEGO

Visit website: http://www.futurelab.org.uk/resources/documents/project_flyers/la_piazza.pdf

A  “piazza” is a place where it feels good to be together. It is also a place where people, like actors on a stage, play out their dramas and unveil aspects of their “personae” otherwise untapped. Lastly, a “piazza” is a living memory p(a)lace, structured by the community and reflective of the changing identities and dreams of its members. Our research team investigates existing third-places, identifies qualities that make for convivial spaces, and imagines scenarios for the “piazza” of the future. Three questions drive the inquiry: 1. How to create a climate conducive to meaningful encounters between young and old. 2. How to merge digital and physical, or brick and click, in the design of sensorially rich and stimulating places. 3. How to preserve the poetic quality of place beyond functionality?

My role: Help build a vocabulary to capture the qualities of good-enough piazzas. Help imagine scenarios conducive to casual learning. Help merge physical and digital in the design of experiencially-rich event/ambient spaces.