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European Network of Excellence. Concepts and methods for exploring the future of learning with digital technologies.

Scientific coordinator: Nicolas Balacheff, CNRS, France. Deputy Director, Richard Noss, London Knowledge Lab. UK.

Kaleidoscope is a Network of Excellence that brings together European teams in technology-enhanced learning. Its mission: Place tthe learner at the centre of a multidisciplinary research perspective, with theoretical foundations in the cognitive and learning sciences, as well as in computer science and technology design. The network is aimed at fostering innovation and generating new forms of cultural and learning experiences.

Visit website at: http://www.noe-kaleidoscope.org

My role: I first served in the International Scientific Board of Kaleidoscope, and later became a member of the Kaleidoscope Network. I now work as a researcher in “la piazza” JERP (Project leader: Rossella Magli), hosted by the Department of Communications, University of Siena (A Kaleidoscope Partner)

*Photo taken at Kaleidoscope Symposium, Oberhausen. 6-8 July 2005.



Universita degli Studi, Siena.Italy . Dipartamento di Scienze della Communicazione (DISCO)

Team leader: Antonio Rizzo.

The ‘Dipartamento di Scienze della Communicazione’ (DISCO) manages a Bachelor in Communication and a Master of Communication Design. The DISCO team also organizes the International Siena Design Project, promoted and hosted by Siena University in collaboration with The Royal College of Art (London, UK), The Interaction Design Centre/Domus Academy (Milano); the University of Limerick (Ireland), and the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden). Teams of students from the four Universities work together and meet in Siena for a weeklong workshop to share experiences about a common design brief defined by an international steering committee.

Visit website at: http://www.noe-kaleidoscope.org/pub/partners/index.php#Italy

My role: Hosted by DISCO as a Visting Professor, I work with graduate students on their research projects and intervene as a guest lecturer, whenever I am in Europe, to explore the transactions between people, place, and human-made artifacts in a digital world. As a psychologist and Piagetian at heart, I like to stress how these transactions change as people grow and media shift.

*Photo taken at CAIF Workshop, Chateau d’Oex, CH



Altran Foundation for Innovation
Paris, France. Technological sponsorship.

Director: C. Aulnette.

*Official photo of the 2003 Award on Early Childhood

For 10 years, the Altran Foundation for Innovation has sponsored technological innovation to help benefit the community. An Altran prize is awarded every year in a different category to scholars, research teams, or project managers, for their technological innovation on a specific theme.

Visit website at: http://www.fondation-altran.org

My role: I first served as a member of the Altran Foundation Jury for the 2003-2004-and 2005 Awards. I later joined the Board of Directors. I now participate in the life of the Foundation and follow the award selection process as a member of an external College.

2003 : Early childhood
2004 : Discovering, understanding and enjoying Science
through innovation
2005 : Overcoming social exclusion through scientific
and technological innovation
2006 : Technological innovation and energy


Child Research Net
Japan – A research site for the future of children

Director: Noboru Koyashi, M.D.; Sponsored by Benesse Co. Ltd. Japan

The Child Research Net is a cyber-institute for the study, exploration, and discussion of children, and their wellbeing. The CRN organizes many events and discussions, it provides a forum for innovative ideas, and it gathers a wealth of insightful papers, research data, memos, and articles on child-raising, child care, learning, and education.

Visit website at: http://www.childresearch.net

My role:I serve in the Board of Directors, contribute papers to the website, and use the network to keep in touch with dear friends, colleagues, and former students, in particular Hillel Weintraub and Noboyuki Ueda, organizers of the unforgettable Benesse-sponsored playshop 99, held in Tama City, Tokyo. Japan [see research and collaboration section on this website].

*Photo taken during Playshop 1999, Tama City, Tokyo. Japan


Center for Advanced Visual Studies
MIT - Artists Meet Scientists

Director: Krzysztof Wodiczko. Associate Director: Larissa Harris.

Work with students: here Kelly Dobson presenting Blendy, 2004

The Center for Advanced Visual Studies describes itself as a community for contemporary art in the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT. Through public programs, support for long-term research, and MIT student residencies, the Center incubates new ideas about art, science, and technology and their intersecting roles in society.The Center was founded in 1967 by Gyorgy Kepes as one of the first venues where artists and scientists could meet and exchange

Visit website at: http://cavs.mit.edu/index.html

My role: I am affiliated at the CAVS as a visiting scientist. I intervene as a guest lecturer in seminars by K. Wodizsko (CAVS), Georges Stiny, and Terry Knight (MIT Architecture), I serve on students’ reviews, and I work with students on their Masters and PhD Thesis, both at CAVS and MIT School of Architecture. Every now and then, I get to participate in a show...
Visit website: http://identity.media.mit.edu/strangers.html


Future of Learning Group
MIT Media Laboratory. Tools to think-with

Principal invetigators: David Cavallo, Seymour Papert; Group Manager: Jacqueline Karaaslanian.

Photo taken during Roballet, with S. Papert and J.d’Amboise

The Future of Learning Group explores how new technologies can enable new ways of thinking, learning, and designing. The group creates new "tools to think with" and explores how these tools can help bring about change in real-world settings, such as schools, museums, and under-served communities.

Visit website at : http://learning.media.mit.edu/

My role: Collaborator. I meet with the group on a regular basis to help refine the psychological / epistemological foundations that drive specific projects. I work with students on their research. I participate in projects.



Invivia, Inc.
Design beyond digital - Interactive spaces - Immersive Experience.

Founder: Allen Sayegh

Brings together the talents of interaction designers, information architects, visual designers, architects, video producers, marketing communication experts, technologists, digital business strategists, and project manager to help craft the interactive spaces and responsive environments of the future.

Visit website: http://www.invivia.com/

My role: Consultant - Interaction design, user experience, concept development, strategic research, content provider. I work with INVIVIA on a regular basis, as a consultant. I like to bring my knowledge and experience of people into the minds and hands of extraordinary designers, smart strategists, and wizard hackers: results can be astonishing.

Photo taken during open house 2004



Design Experience. Creative Services to help innovation in business. Milano. Italy.

Founder and Director: Daniele Bresciani.

Due – Design Experience is a creative agency offering design and communication services to companies seeking to innovate or improve the performance of existing products. Services include: Social, economical and technological trend analysis; Identification of emerging needs and new consumers’ profiles; Study of consumer expectations and identification of functional product features; Users involvement in the creative process, and a Special bag of tools and techniques for the generation of ideas for new products and services.

Visit website: http://www.ddue.it/design-communication-services.htm

My role: I participate in DUE’s network of consultants. Together with experts from different fields, we are ready to jump in whenever DUE needs our expertise.



Past associations/affiliations

Everyone deserves the opportunity to play, learn, and thrive.

Coordinated by LEGO Company's Headquarters in Billund, Denmark.

The playful learning panel at work

LEGO Learning Institute was established in 2001 to generate, collect and share knowledge about children’s lives, play, learning and creativity. LEGO Learning Institute feeds into product development at LEGO Company. It also shares and co-creates new insights with the international research community: A Panel of Experts in Child Development helps LEGO Learning Institute raise awareness of the importance of play and creativity as part of the natural growth, development and learning process of any individual.

Visit website at: http://www.legolearning.net/eng/default.asp?menu=whoweare&pagename=whoweare

My role: I worked as a consultant for LEGO, joined the LLI team, contributed papers on children’s play and development, and became a member of the Playful Learning Panel, together with Wassilios Fthenakis, Germany, Hans Henrik Knoop, Denmark, Richard Noss, England, Mitch Resnick, USA, Dorothy Singer, USA., and Nobuyuki Ueda, Japan.