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Chalom, and welcome to my home page. I've been a student at MIT since before the World Wide Web was invented. I am still here as a PhD student in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (a.k.a. Course VI) Department, and my research is at the Media Lab. You could say I am here getting the third degree. I recently completed my Area Exam on speech compression. My statement of objectives is now on line. My resume is available online. A current version (as of 3/2/98) is available in postscript or pdf format. html format. --> A hardcopy is also available by request.


My advisor is Professor Bove, and my research is sponsored by the Television of Tomorrow Research Program. I am studying a new structured video coder that will encode a video sequence while preserving the structure of the regions. You can look at my thesis proposal , and two of my related research papers: Segmentation of an Image Sequence Using Multi-Dimensional Image Attributes, presented at IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Lausanne, September 17, 1996. Segmentation of Frames in a Video Sequence Using Motion and Other Attributes, presented at SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging : Science & Technology, San Jose, February 9, 1995. Or look at the viewgraphs. You can also see a poster that gives a general overview of the project. The pictures aren't that clear, due to compression, but you get the idea.

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