AI Related Ruby Extensions

This page will maintain list of AI related libraries for the Ruby programming language. Please contact me if you know something I missed.

While maintaining this list, I have induced 1 a theory: If a project's first public appearance is documentation without code, code will not appear before the heat death of the universe.

1 Natural Language / Linguistic Tools

These libraries are hard to put into categories; if you can't find what you're first looking for, check related categories. NLP tools are for English unless otherwise noted.

1.1 Morphology, Tagging and Parsing

1.2 Semantic Parsing

1.3 Machine Translation

1.4 Lexical-Semantic Resources

2 Machine Learning

Most machine learning techniques are resource intensive, so you'll probably want to use Ruby to talk to a binary. If you can't find what you're looking for, consider creating a Ruby wrapper for an exsiting library using SWIG, putting it online and letting me know.

3 Optimization and Search

Genetic algorithms, searching trees, etc

4 Knowledge Representation and the Semantic Web

5 Other Useful Libraries

6 Resources

Helpful websites:

  1. Induction by analogy. It's a corollary of the "Webpage Under-construction Law" from Eric Raymond's HTML-Hell