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..early prototyping..

..preparing for SIGGRAPH 2006...

AudioPint: Audiopint is the complete reinvention of the musician's audio toolbox. Today's performers still have to bring crates of rack-mounted audio processors, unwieldy strings of heavy effects pedals, and large instruments with them to shows. The continued widespread proliferation of this specialized electronic equipment has begun to seem unnecessary in light of today's cheap, audio-capable, reconfigurable personal computers. But laptop computers are fragile, expensive, and not well-suited to stage-quality audio. There has never been a viable alternative to expensive bulky single-purpose music gear, until the Audiopint. Consider a system that is small, lightweight, tough, able to be powered up, plugged in, and it used immediately - but with flexible sounds that can be controlled by any computer-compatible input device, opening wide the space of expressive possibilities. An Audiopint can use midi controllers, joysticks, mice, touchpads, or any other custom controller - the possibilities are limitless.

To learn how to build your own Audiopint, please visit audiopint.org. AudioPint is a collaboration with Ben Vigoda and David Bouchard.


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AudioPint News

5/2007: Along with Ben Vigoda and David Bouchard, I'm taking Audiopint to the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA May 19-20. [announcement]

2/2007-4/2007: Audiopint was set up in the MIT Stata Center, main lobby as an interactive installation. Together with JamiOki, it was a jam-station that ran 24 hours a day for improvised vocal music creation. [more]

2/2007: I co-led an AudioPint-building workshop at the Media Lab. We made a lot of progress, and now there are more AudioPints out there in the world! pictures here.

1/2007: AudioPint PureJoy and Jamioki were set up as an interactive installation in the MIT Music Library as a part of the "Library Music" show curated by Tod Machover. more here.

1/2007: I brought an AudioPint to the Consumer Electronics Show, to show alongside the rest of the VIA product line. Read more about the experience here, and followup media attention here.

9/2006: VIA has kindly sent us a fleet of new mini-itx motherboards. thanks to VIA for their support for the AudioPint!

AudioPint Performances:

April 21st, 2007: Laetitia Sonami, Joel Ryan, and Inventmusic performance at Killian Hall, MIT. With InventMusic collaborators Ben Vigoda and Erik Nugent we performed as 1/3 of the evening's musical entertainment, along with Ryan and Sonami. [announcement]

Inventmusic performed an AudioPint-powered piece at SIGGRAPH 2006, in Boston on July 31st. The performance was conducted by Ben Vigoda's Mandala software for structured improvisation.

An early AudioPint system was flight-tested at the Mobius ArtRages "Legendary Annual Art Party" at the mobius gallery in Boston, MA November 19, 2005 as a part of a performance called "I remember when there were birds".

More information is available at: http://inventmusic.org.