How to obtain via copies of:

Whole-Hand Input 
David J. Sturman, Ph.D. 
February 1992 
Copyright Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1992.
All rights reserved. 
skeleton hand (jpeg 1.4k) 

The dissertation can be downloaded in several formats:
thesis.pix.pdf (1.7M) Adobe Acrobat version (see note below).
thesis.tex.tar.gz (182k) tar file of LaTeX files. (1.0M) Postscript of text with figures. (351k) Postscript of text without figures. 
thesis.pix.dvi.gz (229k) DVI of text using figures in figs.tar. 
figs.tar.gz 620k)  figures for use with thesis.pix.dvi.gz. 
thesis.nopix.dvi.gz (227k) DVI of text without figures. (10k)  PostScript version of the abstract page. (28k) (2.8k)
psfig may need these 
If you have any problems with these files please contact the author at


The Adobe Acrobat version is not legible on the screen due to font problems.  It will however print very nicely.  If anyone has a solution for getting it to to be legible on-screen, please let me know.

On older Apple Laserprinters with limited memory (circa 1992), the output will stop when it reaches a page with a big figure. Therefore, it may be necessary to print pages with figures separately. If you have a program that will print specific pages of Postscript files, then ftp the Postscript version and split them into separate pages. Page 17 has a list of page numbers for the figures. Otherwise, there are .dvi versions of the thesis with the figures in a separate tar file. These can be converted to Postscript with dvips, which will allow you to print specific pages. The Postcript files here were produced with dvips v5.478 (5.47 should work as well). Note that the tar file (which is not compressed) will unpack 44 compressed images into a directory called figs. Dvips will execute "zcat figs/...", so keep the files compressed and in the figs directory. [I made a few changes recently and haven't tested this, so play around until it works.]

The figures use about a megabyte of space in all, so if you have a low bandwith connection, or little space, you can ftp the smaller version without figures. Also note: the uncompressed Postcript for the whole text with figures is 12Mb. (The compressed version is 1Mb). All compresion was done with gzip.

The latex source file is tar'd with the .sty and .tex files you will need, as well as a directory of .bb files (bounding box descriptions) for the figures. If you want the figures you will need to get the figs.tar file as well. Comment out the '\psdraft' statement at the beginning of the thesis.tex file to get the figures, and uncomment it out to not print out the figures. In either case, you will need the .bb files.

The text is formatted for double-sided copies on US letter-size paper.

The whole text is 233 pages. The Table of Contents is on pages 13-15.

You should be able to extract the table of contents with

dvips -p 13 -n 3 file.dvi
Then print out just the pages you want.

Note: If you have problems printing on a non-Apple laser printer, try removing the line with "" in the tex file. does some Laserwriter setup for Apple's v7.1 printer drivers (again, circa 1992).

Paper copies

Paper copies for (US addresses only) can be requested from:
MIT Libraries
Document Services
77 Massachusetts Avenue 14-0551
Cambridge MA 02139 USA
tel: (617) 253-5668
fax: (617) 253-1690
Cost: $51 (circa 1993)
International requests for copies:
(contact them directly for prices)
Access Information Limited
12 Summerleaze Road
Maidenhead SL6 8EN
fax 44-0628-783498

Yushodo Company Limited
29 San-ei-cho Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 160
fax 03-3943-9104

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