Dhruv Jain

Other projects

Relevant independent efforts, course projects and term papers


Interactive facebook

Human Computer Interaction, Fall 2012

Online application that creates an interactive video of any facebook friend en-capturing the information from bio, interests, friends etc.

Survey in m-health

ICTD, Summer 2013

Surveyed, interviewed and collected information (Operations and impact) from 29 m-health interventions in India

Sound Compass

Human Computer Interaction, Fall 2012

Miniaturized device to convey the direction of the speaker in a group to allow hard of hearing persons to lip-read

Social construction of Illness

Social anthropology, Fall 2012

Factors responsible for social construction of illness, examples and role of policy making

Gene prediction

Bioinformatics, Spring 2012

Survey and research proposal on computational methods for gene prediction in Eukaryotes

Debate on Schizophrenia

Developmental Psychology, Fall 2010

Is Schizophrenia nature or nurture? I explored the causes and implications of the mental disorder

Novel hardware sorting

Embedded Systems, Spring 2012

Explored various sorting algorithms on CatapultC. Implemented a novel modified radix sort algorithm for improved performance

Systolic sorting

Embedded Systems, Spring 2011

Fast sorting of numbers on FPGA board using systolic array of Digital Processing Units (DPUs)

Animation clip on FPGA

Embedded Systems, Fall 2010

Color-encrypted animation clip on VGA screen connected to FPGA board

Save Chocolate(s)

Software Engineering, Fall 2010

Online multiplayer ping-pong game

Campus Positioning System

Software Engineering, Spring 2011

An android application and a web interface for finding the shortest path from one point to another within the traffic constraints in IIT Delhi campus

Manufacture of containers

Manufacturing Practices, Spring 2010

Visited a machine shop as part of my mechanical engineering project. Made 5 plastic sterile culture-containers on injection moulding machine


Operating Systems, Spring 2012

System calls for user programs, virtual memory, scheduler and filesystem for the instructional operating system PintOS

Programming language

Programming Languages, Spring 2011

A basic level 1 programming language using ML-Lex and ML-Yacc. Supports some basic functions like arithmetic, logical, functional etc.

MIPS Processor

Computer Architecture, Fall 2010

Simlulated a computer processor which supported basic essential arithmetic and logical instructions on the graphical tool - Logisim


  • Working on IM machine

    Working on Injection Moulding machine

    Project: Manufacture of containers

  • Snapshot of the gameplay

    Project: Save Chocolate(s)

  • Port Of Yokohma

    This Is An Important Port Of Call