Dhruv Jain
  • Hi! I'm Dhruv (Duh-roov)
    Welcome to my website!
  • Check out my project Amphibian
    Immersive Terrestrial Scuba Diving using Virtual Reality
  • These are my colleagues
    Living Moblie Group, MIT Media lab
  • I am about to travel across the world!
    Please give me some travel tips and advice on cheap places to stay

Who am I?

In short, I am a backpacker, scuba diver, computer researcher, social activist and a fun-loving person. I recently graduated from MIT Media Lab where I made Amphibian - VR Scuba Diving Simulator . I was also the President of MIT Scuba Club and co-founder of the MIT American Sign Language Club.

What am I currently doing?

I am on a one-year world tour which you could follow on facebook. I could be seen volunteering on organic farms in Japan, cleaning up beaches in Mexico, improving accounting systems in high-altitude Himalayan villages, or organizing intense design and innovation workshops.

How to contact me?

Send me an email at djain@mit.edu if you'd like an interview or just want to chat over coffee. You can track my location on facebook . Also, since I am on a cheap world voyage, if you know of any suggestions, or can host me in your hometown, I'll highly appreciate it!



Recent Publications

Dhruv Jain, Misha Sra, Jingru Gro, Rodrigo Marques, Raymond Wu, Justin Chiu and Chris Schmandt, "Immersive Terrestrial Scuba Diving Using Virtual Reality", In ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2016. (Download Pdf)


Recent News

"Infrared guidance for the blind" by Aviva Rutkin, Metro (UK), Oct 2014.

Brief overview: A science museum in Delhi has infrared navigation to help the visually impaired. Nicknamed Roshni ('light' in Hindi), it was developed by Dhruv Jain at Massachusetts Insitute of Technology.