We propose an extensible cellular building structure inspired by examples from the 1960'ies Metabolistic Architecture or Archigram's Plug-In City. Each pod has a volume of 10x10x8m and is arranged into a deformable grid, with plug-in connections on four sides. Members can choose from four templates to start with, but these can be changed completely within the given volume.

We also propose a set of "social utilities" necessary to make such an architectural structure effective. Each pod comes with a basic infrastructure, that provides:

  • Navigation — social and spatial using a special dynamic map and elevator.
  • Place for Self Expression — Pods are fully modifiable and recognizable from far away.
  • Social Sensing and Display — Sensors built into the structure that provide data for displaying popularity of places, update frequencies, etc.

These social utilities transform the pod into a 3d analogy of a profile page: a customizable place for communication, broadcasting, either private or public, as well as being a virtual place that people can visit together.

DUX 2007 Paper (pdf, 3.6Mb)
Design Competition Proposal (pdf, 1.8Mb)

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Side view of tower, with falling avatar for scale.
Circle of pods at the top of the tower.
Pod tower passing through the cloud layer.
View of tower looking up towards the sun.
View of the tower from a nearby sim.
One of our neighbors didn't appreciate the tower and built an enormous wall to block it out from his house.