I created an avatar that slowly grows out to connect with other avatars around it. Over time, these avatars' colors shift and change to become more like the colors of people near them, visualizating their relationships.'


We propose an extensible cellular building structure that provides people with a space to work, play, and socialize. We also describe a set of "social utilities" to support effective navigation, self expression, and visualization.

With Dietmar Offenhuber.


In this prototype, we use the design of the meeting space itself to give participants a vocabulary for responding to the meeting as well as a technique for visualizing the history of the meeting itself.


"Sousreality" is a pair of connected spaces linked through the metaphor of a crystal ball. In the SIGGRAPH gallery is a crystal ball that peers into Second Life, and in Second Life there is a crystal sphere containing a real-time inside-out vision of the gallery.

With Dietmar Offenhuber and Orkan Telhan.