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9 Months


Dr. Martin Wattenberg

This project grew out of work I did at IBM Research in the summer of 2004. Working with Dr. Martin Wattenberg, we developed a method for visualizing how trees of information change over time - a problem we were not aware of a solution for. In particular, we studied organizational charts and Java's package hierarchy.

Our visualization method uses the x-axis to portray time and the y-axis to portray position in the tree. Using color and spacing, we can show the structure of the tree. As nodes in the tree are added, moved, and deleted, the dynamics of the tree are made visually apparent. We believe that these methods would be useful for studying the behavior and evolution of structured information over time.

Treeflow: Displaying Structural Change to Hierarchies

Our paper summarizing the method and displaying its results. Submitted to InfoViz 2005. (PDF, 3.6 MB)

Final Presentation

Presentation describing the paper's findings. (PPT, 4.4 MB)

Presentation Handout

Accompanying handout for the presentation. (PDF, 0.7 MB)


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