Drew Harry's Portfolio

My name is Drew Harry, and I'm a Senior at Olin College, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. I will be graduating in May of 2006. I'm particularly interested in designing, building, and studying social/technical systems. I've done a variety of work in this area, with a particular focus on mobile devices, mailing lists, and virtual worlds. There are also a number of other projects exploring my interests in visualization techniques, anthropology, and games. The categories on the right are pretty loose - most of my projects would make sense in multiple categories. If you want to see more about my education and employment background, check out my resume.

Please feel free to explore my work. Each project includes a description of the work, as well as a variety of supporting files describing in more detail. When appropriate there is a final paper or presentation summarizing the work. I'd love to hear any feedback you might have about what I've done or answer any questions you might have.

My school, Olin College, was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article describing Olin's mission and methods. I'm mentioned briefly towards the end of the article.

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social software

Traces: Location Based Services
Sharing Music Presence


k-Clique Reduction


World of Warcraft Ethnography
Go Community Ethnography
Community and Carpe-diem


Mailing List Design
Bike Messenger Design