i am deva p. seetharam. this is my personal website.

i am a MIT graduate with a strong systems background. i have experience in a diverse set of areas from energy management to pervasive media to embedded networking technologies to distributed systems.

i recently co-founded
DataGlen, a company focussed on collecting and curating IoT Data.

i am serving as one of the General Chairs for
ACM e-Energy 2015, a conference that aims to be the premier venue for researchers working in the broad areas of computing and communication for smart energy systems, and in energy-efficient computing and communication systems.

until recently, i was leading the smarter energy research for IBM India. i founded the group in december 2008 and led it until june 2014. when i left, the group had 18 highly-talented researchers with graduate degrees from top institutes such as IISc, IITs, MIT and University of Toronto. the group’s work has been well-recognised with prestigious awards such as
2014 MIT TR35 (for Tanuja Ganu), 2013 Indian National Academy Young Engineer (for Jagabondhu Hazra), various IBM research awards, best paper awards/nomination in ACM e-energy, ACM BuildSys and in IEEE COMSNETS E6 2011.

prior to that, i led the pervasive media research for France Telecom in Boston from Jan 2006 to Nov 2008. around the same time, i had co-founded RadioSherpa, a company that developed a realtime visual program guide for the new HD Radios.
RadioSherpa has been acquired by RadioTime Inc, a company backed by Google ventures.

i also co-founded the open cell phone project called

my past projects (Biobricks, TuxPhone, RadioSherpa, Urjar) have been covered by a few prominent media outlets such as BBC, MIT Technology Review, Scientific American, Slashdot, CNET, Wired, New Scientist, IEEE Spectrum, Boston Globe, etc.

whatever (the little) i have accomplished is only because i have been fortunate to have a great family, teachers, mentors and colleagues.

thank you for stopping by!!!